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Adventures in the Kitchen and on the Road

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Twice Baked Potatoes (partly microwaved)

I love twice-baked potatoes but had avoided making them myself since it seemed like too much time with the oven. Then I saw one recipe that just did it in the microwave but I preferred the texture of a baked potato baked in the oven. So this recipe uses both the microwave and oven to compromise. The first bake is done in the microwave so it just takes 10 minutes. Then the second bake is in the oven. Maybe it's all in my head that the oven-baked is better but I really like how this ended up tasting. I mixed in diced up mushrooms and onions with the mashed potatoes and of course included bacon too. ("Bacon makes everything better!")

Do you think I could prep everything to the point of having the filled skins and then freeze it for later in the week? If so, would I need to defrost first? Could I just bake it longer if I just took it straight from the freezer?

4 large baking potatoes
1/4 cup milk (or however much you need to make the mixture creamy)
salt and pepper to taste
1 Tablespoon butter
1 small yellow onion, diced
4 ounces of chopped mushrooms
crumbled bacon for topping (optional)
4 ounces of shredded cheese (cheddar or monterey jack or pepperjack)

  1. Scrub the potatoes and stab the potato skins several times with a fork. I don't know how many times are strictly necessary but I'm paranoid that they'll explode in the microwave and tend to stab them maybe 30-50 times with a fork for each potato. This is probably overkill.
  2. Microwave potatoes on High for 10 to 12 minutes until tender. When finished, set the potatoes aside to cool for a few minutes until it's cool enough to handle (5-10 minutes?)
  3. Preheat oven to 400F.
  4. While potatoes are microwaving, fry up the bacon over medium heat if you're using bacon. Chop up the onion and mushrooms. When bacon is done, set it aside to drain on a paper towel and crumble when cooled.
  5. Discard the excess bacon fat from the pan and saute the onions 3-5 minutes until lightly browned. (If not using bacon, just saute in butter or olive oil.) Remove onions from pan and set aside. Saute the mushrooms 1-2 minutes and then remove from heat.
  6. Slice potatoes in half lengthwise and scoop out the insides, leaving the shells intact. Leave about 1/4 of an inch of potato only the outside to help the shell keep its shape. Mash the potato insides in a mixing bowl with butter, milk, salt and pepper until it's a creamy smooth mixture. Mix in most of the shredded cheese but save some cheese to sprinkle on top. If using bacon, also mix in bacon but save some to sprinkle on top at the end.
  7. Spoon mixture back into the shells. Top with shredded cheese. Bake at 400F for 20-25 minutes until cheese has melted and toasted to a light brown in spots. Sprinkle with remaining crumbled bacon if using. (I just like having the potato bits on top for color.)

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I've done the microwave and then the oven, and it's not bad, but I do love ones that are completely done in the oven. Yum. I haven't had twice baked potatoes for years.

Yeah...why does it taste so much better coming out of the oven? A shame.

I absolutely love oven baked potatoes.. or fire roasted ones. Whenever we cleared our acreage, we would wrap potatoes in tin foil and put them in the coals at the edge of the fire, those are the best tasting.. a little butter and salt and it's absolute deliciousness.

I've never had the half microwave and half oven version, but I have made baked potatoes in the microwave and can tell the difference. But potatoes and bacon are a winning combination! Mmmmm.....

Yeah...I just don't have the patience to do it all in the oven. I take it back. I just don't think that far ahead about meals. But at least this lets me have my bacon and potatoes fix in a reasonable amount of time.

Those look awesome. You're right, bacon does make everything better. And that plate is really cool, too!

No matter how many of your recipes i try they never come out nearly as well. :/

Awww...maybe it's a practice makes perfect thing? Sometimes I have to try out recipes a couple of times before I get them to work for me.

These look good. I'll have to give a go.

It would seem that filling then freezing/fridging would result in a soggy potato. I think I would bake the potatoes (in the oven) the first night, chill in skins, then prep the night you want to make them and bake again. That way you get all oven baking but don't have to wait forever to eat them the second night. Not an expert tho.

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