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Adventures in the Kitchen and on the Road

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Kit's Bacon-Wrapped Dates

As soon as I read kitiara's post about making bacon-wrapped dates, I had to know what it tasted like. They're every bit as wonderful as I had imagined. Salty, crispy bacon hugging the sweet date with a creamy, cheesy center. Blissful mingling of flavors and textures. Even better? Only one other person wanted to try them so I had the rest of the dozen to myself. (I only made a handful of them since I was using bacon leftover from making the Bacon and Cheese Potato Cake.) You can either fry or bake the wrapped dates. Kit noted that these reheat well but I can't confirm that since I ate them all and didn't leave any for leftovers.

Kit's Bacon-Wrapped Dates
8 oz bacon slices
12 Medjool dates
at least 2 to 4 oz goat cheese

Wrapping Dates
* Cut bacon slices in half
* Cut dates in half (lengthwise or midwise, doesn't really matter) and remove pits
* Smoosh cheese into pit area of one half of date
* Place half-date with cheese down on half of a raw slice of bacon and roll it in the bacon, making sure to leave plenty of overlap</li>

Frying Dates
* Place wrapped dates in a nonstick pan, bacon seam down, on medium heat.
* Cook for about 2-3 minutes per side, gradually turning with tongs until all sides are cooked.
* Place cooked wonders of joy onto paper towel to drain/cool for a couple of minutes.</li>

Baking Dates
* Chill wrapped dates in fridge for 30 minutes (so that the cheese firms up and won't leak out of the wrapping while it bakes)
* Baked at 400F for 20 minutes, turning half-way

Recipe came from kitiara: http://kitiara.livejournal.com/1908468.html
tyche then suggested baking them to cook a big batch all at once: http://tyche.livejournal.com/2070976.html
More bacon-wrapped dates

Thread at food_porn

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Bacon makes *everything* better

(happy bday, you)

Re: Bacon makes *everything* better

Oh yes. Bacon is indeed a magic ingredient. Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Chicken liver rapped with bacon & baked in an oven.


I like the idea with the cheese! At work, we stuff 'em with a really nice high-quality chorizo. Spicy chorizo, sweet date, salty bacon... Yum. :)

You know I was watching Rachael Ray the other day & she was talking about different things you can wrap with bacon. One of the things she mentioned was bacon wrapped tater tot. I think that would be interesting tasting.

your blog is a yummy happy place.

i just friended you.

Egads. I so want to try these Spicy Spinach-Potato Pattycakes ! Sadly, I don't have everything I need in the house right now. But my current dinner seems wholly inadequate now. Friended you back.

Hello! It's dikubu, with a new identity.


Hello! Author, you're more than right!
And beautiful design, interesting site name fitfool.livejournal.com :), I see you you're are not newbe. Don't stop the astonishing job!

You are too good to me. I like your recipe even better than the other one I found!

Wasn't my recipe...it's from kitiara. I'm glad you like it. It's served me well several times.

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