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50 New Dishes in 2008

Last year was the first time I managed to make it to 50 recipes for the year. In 2006, I fell just short of the goal. Last year, I included a few 'fluff' recipes to make it to 50 but I figured close enough. Oh but this year...this year I intend to make it through all 50 with true recipes.

As I cook more, I find myself falling back on tried-and-true recipes. Doesn't require any time to pick out a recipe to try or need any effort in puzzling through a new recipe. But on the plus side, there's always the happy thrill of discovery in finding a new dish that I enjoy preparing and eating. And theoretically it's healthier since I can try to reduce the amount of any unhealthy ingredients.

New Recipes Tried in 2008

  1. 01/01 Broiled Lamb Chops (recipe)
  2. 01/10 Frijoles Negros (Cuban Black Beans) (from recipezaar)
  3. 01/16 Turkey White Chili (from recipezaar)
  4. 01/21 Taiwanese Rice Sticks (improvised with oyster sauce, tofu, carrots, baby corn, water chestnuts, and mushrooms)
    01/24 slice of French bread, prosciutto, shaved Fontina cheese
  5. 01/27 Chicken Breasts in a Middle Eastern Marinade (from
  6. 01/30 Pasta with Spinach and Cheese (a la Jonathan's typical dinner)
  7. 02/01 Butternut Squash Soup (from ctah)
  8. 02/12 Mini Flourless Chocolate Cake
  9. 03/05 Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops (adapted from here)
  10. 03/05 Chicharron - Deep fried pork fat (from Nikas Culinaria)
  11. 03/06 Roasted Duckling
  12. 03/06 Curry Roasted Cauliflower (from stephygurl)
  13. 03/11 Pork with Cumin and Cilantro
  14. 03/11 Banana Cookies
    03/11 Guayaba con Queso (guava paste and cream cheese in puff pastry cups)
    03/17 Prosciutto e Melone (recipe)
  15. 03/17 Ziti with Onions, Sausage and Fennel (recipe)
  16. 03/23 Spinach and Prosciutto Omelette
  17. 03/23 Stir-fried zucchini with Salty Duck Egg Yolks
  18. 03/24 Cavatappi with Cannellini and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  19. 03/28 Sausage Spinach Stuffed Mushroom
  20. 04/01 Roasted Chickpeas
  21. 04/03 Sausage and Leeks with Garlic Smashed Potatoes
  22. 04/03 Cream of Asparagus Soup
  23. 04/07 Sticky Chili Chicken Wings
  24. 04/24 Thai Chicken Thighs (recipe)
  25. 05/11 Roasted Corn on the Cob with Spicy Lime Butter (adapted from recipe)
  26. 05/12 Sweet Potato Wedges (recipe)(add salt!)
    05/12 Pasta with Kale and Mushrooms (modification of Jonathan's typical dinner)
  27. 05/13 Kettle Corn (recipe)
    05/13 Popcorn with Chili Powder
  28. 05/14 Portuguese Green Soup (recipe)
    05/14 Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus
  29. 05/17 Bechamel (from Marcella Hazan)(had it with linguine, shrimp, peas, and bacon)
  30. 05/28 Breaded and Fried Zucchini (from Lydia Bastianich)
  31. 05/30 Prosciutto-wrapped Scallops
    05/30 Imitation of Cinderella's Pesto Bread (needs More Cheese and More Pesto)
  32. 05/31 Toad in a hole (recipe)
  33. 06/12 Peach-glazed Pork Ham Steaks
    06/13 Fiddlehead Ferns (just boiled them with some salt)
    06/23 Feijoada (used a pre-made Feijoada meat mix. Added onions and black beans and rice)
  34. 07/15 Sausage and Mushroom Turnovers (adapted recipe from angelninas)
  35. 07/20 Peanut Noodles
  36. 07/24 Zucchini Bread
  37. 07/26 Lamb Shepherd's Pie
    07/28 Zucchini, Sun-dried tomatoes, and shredded cheese on puff pastry tarts ...
    08/02 tomatoes, mozzarella, and Wilson Farm's pesto on bread (yum!)
    08/03 Peanut Butter Ice Cream
    08/03 Orange Sorbet
  38. 08/06 Zucchini and Nectarine (recipe from Leaf)
  39. 08/07 Fried Green Tomatoes
  40. 08/08 Ratatouille (recipe)
  41. 09/30 Roast Fresh Ham (recipe)
  42. 10/06 Cumin-dusted Pork Cutlets with Citrus Pan Sauce (recipe) ...
  43. 10/08 Ham and Cheese Pasta (recipe)
  44. 10/21 Cheese Straws (using frozen puff pastry)
  45. 11/06 Hamburger Buddy (recipe)
  46. 11/08 Herb and Garlic Lamb Loin Chops (adapted recipe)
  47. 11/23 Jalapeño Poppers (recipe and some of this recipe)
  48. 11/25 Sausage and Lentils with Fennel (recipe) ...
  49. 11/27 Ginger Crinkle Cookies
  50. 12/03 Pork Cutlets with Orange-Cranberry Pan Sauce (adapted from this recipe)
  51. 12/06 Garlicky Spinach Dip (recipe)
  52. 12/13 Prosciutto Pesto Egg Cups (recipe and variations)
    12/15 Chicken Quesadillas (didn't really use a recipe but it was the first time I had made these)
  53. 12/20 Chinese Steamed Buns (bao) (used bun part of this recipe) ...
  54. 12/21 Spare Ribs Cantonese (recipe)

Who else is playing this game? I'm sure I missed others. Tell me and I'll add you to the list.
I saw:

People Who Cook a Lot but I don't know what tag to use to find their recipes:

From the 2008 list, these dishes have been invited back for repeat performances. (generally means that we liked the way it tasted and they were simple enough to cook more frequently)

#1 Broiled Lamb Chops
#5 Chicken Breasts in a Middle Eastern Marinade
#12 Curry Roasted Cauliflower
#15 Ziti with Onions, Sausage and Fennel
#23 Sticky Chili Chicken Wings
#26 Sweet Potato Wedges
#30 Breaded and Fried Zucchini
#33 Peach-glazed Ham Steaks (it's become peach-glazed pork)
#39 Fried Green Tomatoes (pretty much #30 done with green tomatoes. YUM!)
#42 Cumin-dusted Pork Cutlets with Citrus Pan Sauce
#51 Prosciutto Pesto Egg Cups
#xx Zucchini, Sun-dried tomatoes, and shredded cheese on puff pastry tarts

Congrats to mforbes321 and the rest of you cooks who whipped up good eats and shared them with us.

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