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Adventures in the Kitchen and on the Road

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Sticky Chili Chicken Wings (Donna Hay)

I've made this twice in just 4 days. When I made it with chicken leg quarters, the meat was very tender, falling off the bones, and infused with so much flavor. Spiciness never even hinted at the painful level. I think the hot peppers lended more flavor than heat. This made for an easy dinner with guests that pleased everyone. Since the chicken cooks for an hour, I started the chicken and then prepared the side dishes. This recipe is definitely going into my regular rotation. Thanks to vanessafrida for turning me on to Donna Hay! She got a bunch of us to try out and post Donna Hay recipes and she'll be posting the round-up soon.

small photo of chicken wings

Sticky Chili Chicken Wings (from Donna Hay)

First time was with the chicken wings the recipe called for. But then a few days later, chicken leg quarters went on sale so I bought those and ran the recipe again and voila! Just as yummy. Maybe even better than the wings. For the first part, the chicken cooks with the lid on. In the second half where it continues cooking with the lid off, the liquid evaporates until it thickens into a sauce that glazes the chicken pieces. Use a lid that fits your pan. If the lid is too big, it will drip liquid all over your stove top and I can confirm that it's not a fun mess to clean up.

1.5 kg chicken wings (3.3 pounds) [Can use any chicken pieces]
3 red chilies, seeded and chopped
1 tablespoon grated ginger
2 cups water
2/3 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup white wine vinegar [I used rice wine vinegar]
2/3 cup sugar [I used honey]
1/2 cup chopped fresh coriander leaves (cilantro)

  1. Place chili, ginger, water, soya sauce, vinegar and sugar in a deep frying pan, and simmer over medium heat.

  2. Allow to simmer for 3 minutes.

  3. Add chicken wings and cook covered for 35 minutes, turning occasionally.

  4. Remove lid from pan and continue cooking for 25 minutes, turning the chicken pieces till it is cooked and well coated in the chilli sauce.

  5. Stir through the coriander leaves and serve with steamed rice and greens.

photo of diced red and green hot peppers
They were out of red peppers at the store so I used 1 jalapeno pepper too.

bigger photo of the sticky chili chicken wings
Here's the first time I made it with chicken wings.

bigger photo of the sticky chili chicken recipe using leg quarters
This is the second time, made with chicken leg quarters.

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OMG, this sounds delicious. OH yea, you have cajun recipes.

Edited at 2008-04-15 01:10 am (UTC)

Is this a cajun recipe? I don't think I know any cajun recipes really. I'd like to make a good gumbo some day though. Let me know if you try this out!

I have no idea who Donna Hay is but I want to try making this when I get back from Europe. :)

She's Australian and quite popular over there apparently. She's got a magazine and a bunch of cookbooks out. Enjoy your trip!

God, this looks so good I was nearly drooling on my keyboard.

Thanks! It's very tasty. Let me know if you try this out.

Do you buy fresh ginger...preserved...? Silly question, but I'm a ginger newbie and I'm going to try this.

I buy fresh ginger. I've been peeling it but someone else told me that's not really necessary. And since I don't cook with ginger enough to use up the whole thing before it goes back, I cut it into chunks and throw it in a plastic container, cover it with rice wine vinegar, and keep that in the fridge. I'm not sure how long that's supposed to stay good for. But I just use it until I get worried about it. It does change color though. I've heard of other people keeping it in the freezer too.

Oh my god that looks insanely good! And I actually think I have all the ingredients to make that sitting in my fridge - SWEET.

I love when I see a recipe that I happen to have everything I need at home already! I want to hear back if you try this :)

Will do - I think I'm going to try it tomorrow!

Sounds good. I hope it turns out well for you.

I'm going to lift this recipe if you don't mind! Looks good enough to eat! What a thought!

If I don't mind? I post these recipes in fond hopes that other people will try them out and tell me they loved them :) (even better when they tweak the recipes and make them even yummier)

I made this and it was easy and good.

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