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Adventures in the Kitchen and on the Road

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Sweet Red Bean Soup

Reusing the recipe for Sweet Mung Bean Soup for sweet red bean soup instead. I love both sweetened red beans and mung beans as a dessert and snack. I like it cold out of the fridge, really cold mixed in with shaved ice, or warm and soothing heated up. You can adjust how much sugar to add to suit your own tastes. You can buy these dried beans at an Asian grocery store. Possibly available at regular stores too in the international foods section or maybe health foods bulk bins though I've never looked anywhere besides Chinatown for these.

small photo of red adzuki beans

Sweet Red Bean Soup
I'm just using the same recipe for Sweet Mung Bean Soup here but with red beans (adzuki beans) instead of the green mung beans.

bigger photo of red adzuki beans

1/2 cup of red adzuki beans
6 cups of water
5 tablespoons sugar or to taste

Soak the beans overnight, or least for 4 hours, in plenty of water.
Place in a large pot, add the water.
Bring to a boil, add sugar, stir, and simmer for 1 hour.
Let cool, then refrigerate for 1 hour, and serve

photo of sweet red bean soup

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I haven't thought of cold sweet bean soup as a snack or a meal, but I'm game. I'll try it after I get moved and set up. Sounds interesting and I'm game to try anything once. It's how I got hooked on squid.

mmm...Yes I'll try just about anything once or twice. I'll even revisit foods I don't like every few years in case I've started liking them. That's allowed me to take onions, mushrooms, honey mustard, and gherkin pickles off the taboo list. I still don't care much for coffee, beer, or sour pickles. Fried squid. Yummmm.

Still...will you try anything once after you've seen my next post?

I've eaten ants, earthworms, octopus and a few other things, so I'm pretty sure I'll still try anything once.

Then yes. You'd be game for Edible Insects, Part2. Where did you try earthworms and ants? How were they prepared? What did you think of them?

I just scrolled back and realized you answered those already about how they tasted. :)

I had the earthworms in chocolate chip cookies and they were surprisingly good. The ants were roasted and mostly salty and crunchy.

Earthworms. I think I'd have to have them hidden in things like cookies to get me to try them. The ants sound good like that.

It's true what they say. Everything's better with chocolate.

or bacon. Bacon makes everything taste better.

Depends on the bacon, but otherwise -- oh, yeah. I did notice your fondness for bacon before this.

Got any recommendations for particularly good bacon?

I really like maple cured bacon and I go for the ones without nitrites and nitrates or high levels of sodium. Sugar cured is also good. But if you can't find that, go for thick sliced bacon (thin sliced if making rumaki or dates with cheese so it will cook quickly and not burn the cheese) and add a sprinkling of natural/organic brown or maple sugar while it's cooking. If you want something with a bite, go for thick sliced peppered bacon.

cool. I've only recently started shopping at Whole Foods and have been looking forward to try the non nitrites/nitrates bacon. It looked like the butcher would even slice the bacon in the case to whatever thickness you wanted. But first we're using up the bacon that we already had in the freezer/fridge. Your suggestions all sound yummy :)

that's way easier than I expected!

shabu Zen in Boston's Chinatown sometimes serves that after a meal. yum.

I remember having a similar dessert at Penang in Chinatown too. They had a couple things on their dessert menu that involved red beans with shaved ice I think. And one of them served it up warm. All yummy there. I haven't gone back in many years. I hope they still have those things on the menu. It's not that difficult to make. Mostly it's remembering to soak them the night before (or set them out to soak in the morning so it'll be ready to cook at night)

i wish you had posted this a few days ago! i saw the sweet red beans at the asian grocery we went to on saturday, but didn't get any because i wasn't sure what to do with them.

ah, now i'm hungry.

Always room to get some on your next trip to the store :)

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