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Adventures in the Kitchen and on the Road

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Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!

In this post, I had asked what to do with the cans of Spam my sister gave me. You responded with so many good ideas that I was eager to try my first taste of spam. You talked of your own and others' fondness for this canned meat and made me look forward to tasting it myself.

spam can

And then I opened it. Have you ever visited the website where it shows photos of fast-food ads side-by-side with the actual photo of what gets served? (It's here) The gleaming burger that you can almost smell that turns out to be two pieces of smashed bread around a lukewarm ostensibly beef pattie? That's how it felt to peer inside the opened can of Spam. It looked like dog food (though its claim to the title of food is questionable). Have you ever looked at the nutritional label for Spam? For the Spam Lite version, it's only 110 calories per serving (1/6 of the can). That doesn't sound too bad until you realize 70 of those calories come from fat!

Spam right out of the can, looking like dog food

But it's cheap, right? Sort of. A 12-ounce can of Spam goes for $2.50 on sale here. That's $3.33 per pound. Ground beef is cheaper. Same for ground turkey. And I often see boneless chicken breasts go on sale for $2 a pound. But real meat doesn't have the convenience of Spam. I love that a can of Spam can sit in the pantry indefinitely.

Most importantly, how did it taste? I liked it! For my own mental comfort, I needed to pan fry it and of course I could tell it wasn't a choice piece of meat, but it tasted pretty good for what it was. I liked the Spam, Egg, and Cheese English Muffin enough to have that 3 or 4 times I think. Then I tried making Spam Musubi (the ones that look like spam sushi). And finally, I cut the rest up into thin strips and fried them up so they were crispy and clumsily rolled those into a handroll with some sushi-seasoned rice. That handroll was my favorite way to eat it. I loved how the spam strips got all crispy crunchy.

And I still have one more can to play with. Then again, I'm not sure I'll get much experimenting in. I might just make a whole batch of handrolls. But I'll give my arteries a bit of a break before I go for another round of Spam. Thanks for the Spam, sis!

Spam, Egg, and Cheese English Muffin
Spam, Egg, and Cheese English Muffin

Spam Musubi or a makeshift spam sushi
Spam Musubi (spam 'sushi')

Spam Handroll
Spam Handroll

Thread at trashy_eats: http://community.livejournal.com/trashy_eats/905608.html
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(Deleted comment)
You both might also want to try a Spam sando (sandwich) that is popular here... a slab of egg, a slab of spam, wrapped in sushi rice, with a layer of seaweed to act as a wrap and/or handle. Very good. And now I am hungry. :)

ETA: I googled, and apparently this is a variation of spam musubi. It's like a mix of musubi and sandwich. Good stuff. And if you add a bit of honey or sugar to the egg to sweeten it up, that makes it that much better.

Saw your pic of Rosie but spam is on my mind

I like spam too but its been a few years. My favorite is spamburgers.
Oh, and your yellow lab is very peaceful looking.

Re: Saw your pic of Rosie but spam is on my mind

Mm. I was going to make Spam burgers but I had no bun.

That yellow lab is dear Rosie. She was still alive when I started using her as my icon but she has since passed away. I still miss her and she wasn't even my dog.

I like to fry spam up by frying it in butter, and sprinkling a bit of sugar over the uncooked side while in the pan, along with a bit of dried oregano. The oregano is totally optional, it tastes awesome either way. But I normally really dislike spam due to its saltiness.

Yeah...spam by itself is pretty salty. But when mixed with other things, the saltiness is nicely balanced with the slightly sweet sushi rice or by the unsalted eggs in the English muffin sandwich. I hadn't seen anything suggesting oregano. I'll have to try the sugar and oregano next time. Thanks!

That is the breakfast of champions! Or, in my case, just a dang good breakfast. I'm glad you tried it, and even gladder that you enjoyed it!

Really was a satisfying breakfast. I couldn't get my boyfriend interested. He just winced when I offered to make him one and said he'd grab some coffee instead.

Very enterprising of you

You made spam look like unagi. ::wild applause::

Re: Very enterprising of you

Thank you!

These were two separate meals, by the way - I'm not THAT crazy about Spam.

Fried some up last night with pineapples and onions and made a sandwich - I'm sure someone has suggested that combo to you. It's a classic.

ack! Your egg yolks aren't finished cooking! What's in the bottom bowl? spam and potatoes? That looks pretty tasty. I did hear of a few spam and pineapple dishes but I don't think they included onions. That sounds good to me too.

I haven't had SPAM in ages. I don't mind it fried along side scrambled eggs or in home fries.

Once it's fried, I liked Spam. The best was when it was cut smaller so I could maximize the ratio of crispy outsides to the uncrispy insides. Mmmm home fries. I should learn to make those myself.

(Deleted comment)
heh...I had one can of regular Spam and one of Spam Lite. I chickened out and started with Spam Lite :)

I hate Spam!! I will not drink the Spam Kool Aid of this post!! :-)

When I was a poor child, I can remember having stuff like Spam and those canned vienna sausage and thinking to myself, this is not proper food for a human being. I can appreciate the tacky chic of "liking spam", but that stuff is nas-teeee. And it reminds me of that line in Sling Blade where Billy Bob Thornton is eating the "canned meat", and the little kid is saying how bad it smells, and Billy Bob (Carl) says, "yeah- it's a bit loud."

I'm with you, hunter. Although I still can get down with some vienna sausage, but only if it's Libby's ♥

fitfool, I love your photos and your dedication to this project. You are a breath of fresh air in the spam world! LOL

(Deleted comment)
Yes...Spam disgusted me when I was a kid and I wouldn't go near the stuff. But it was a gag gift from my sister and I hate throwing food out so I was going to try it. To my surprise, I actually liked it. It's not healthy so I'll wait a few weeks before eating the other can.

Health tips? I dunno. I'm a big fan of eating everything in moderation and stopping when you're not hungry. I don't always listen to my body and will keep eating if I like what I'm eating or I have too little food left to be worth heating up for leftovers... but then I figure it averages out since my next meal will just be delayed a little longer until I get hungry again. But maybe your eating schedule is set by when the dining hall is open.

As for what to eat? I try to eat a mix of everything. Meat and veggies and even carbs. I know some diet plans avoid carbs but then other diets had you stocking up on the stuff (like runners' diets). Ideally I'll aim for the healthier preparations like steamed, roasted, pan-fried instead of battered and deep-fried. But I love fried food and dishes drowning in cheese too so I'll still eat those, just in smaller portions.

Another popular plan is to eat several smaller meals throughout the day (5 or 6 feedings?). Not sure if your work or dining schedule allows for anything like that. The idea is to keep your nutrients coming in on a more even schedule instead of in 3 big doses. So if you can take food out of your dining hall, maybe make a sandwich and some fruit for one of the smaller snack-sized meals?

I'm far from a dietary expert though.

I love spam. Happy childhood memories...

I will have to try that handroll. Never even thought of that!

Yes indeed. Always room for a little food porn.

I have never tried Spam and never really wanted to (well, maybe if I was in Hawaii) until I saw that Spam sandwich. I would actually eat that, frighteningly. But I don't need to develop a taste for any more processed food products!

That's what did it for me too. I saw a photo of a Spam burger and thought, hey...that doesn't look too bad...

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