August 3rd, 2011


Peanutty Pork Kabobs

Heading out to the grill? I found this recipe when I was looking for a new way to make pork kabobs. I skipped the green peppers and used onions and zucchini instead. I chopped the onions into wedgees and also tossed some thick coin-shaped slices of zucchini in grapeseed oil to coat and then shook on some salt. Made skewers of pork, onion, and zucchini. Also made some with just zucchini and onions since we had more veggies than meat Soaked the skewers in water. Cooked them up on the grill outside on high heat for about 9 minutes. Meat was a bit tough but onions were great. Next time I think I'll use lower heat. I served with couscous (mixed with minced onions, garlic, golden raisins, and chopped pecans). Overall very tasty. Made this again the next night and included some fresh pineapple chunks on the skewers.

smaller close-up shot of Peanutty Pork Kabobs

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