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Adventures in the Kitchen and on the Road

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Chocolate Graham Pretzel Snacks

a bunch of the snacks laid out on a tray

I love being helpful. So here's a little tip. If you're going to spend any part of the day typing "Can chocolate go bad and make you sick?" then do so BEFORE you've eaten the chocolate you're nervous about. I'm still not sure if that was the culprit but I went to bed last night with a gurgling, complaining stomach. The answers I found online were all over the place. Some answers said chocolate was plenty shelf-stable and might get discolored when it de-emulsified but that would just make it lose some of its flavor, not make you sick. Other answers said to toss it out if there were any white spots visible (I think that was white mold). Still others said creepy crawling things sometimes set up shop in chocolate.

I'm not much of a chocolate snob but from now on, when a recipe calls for good chocolate, I'm going to interpret that to mean "use chocolate that hasn't gone bad" or at least "use chocolate that you still remember buying."

I'm going to be sad if it wasn't the chocolate that had gone bad since I'm throwing out the rest of the batch.
These tasted and looked delicious before I became suspicious of them.

What should I call these? I started out intending to make chocolate-covered graham crackers and then had leftover chocolate so I tried making chocolate-covered pretzels. But then I needed a place to set them down. And then I tried eating them all together. Sweet chocolate mixed with the salty pretzels and the crunch of the graham cracker and pretzels was a perfect treat. I'm definitely going to make these again some time.

I set up a makeshift double-boiler and dumped in half a bag of chocolate chips. After awhile, I added half a stick of butter since it seemed to be taking forever to melt. Once all was melted, I spooned the chocolate over the crackers and then pressed a pretzel into the chocolate. Set aside on a tray covered with a sheet of wax paper.

But use good chocolate! You never want to have to tell your loved ones, "Sorry I poisoned you."

close-up of one Pretzels, Graham Crackers, and Chocolate Snack

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chocolate doesn't stay around my house long enough to "bloom" let alone go actually bad :)

Those look weird, but the sweet-salty-crunchy is probably irresistable. Let me know when you make them again and I'll come help you make sure they get eaten :)

Those look yummy.

Chocolate would not last long enough in our house to ever go bad either.

I love chocolate covered pretzels. Your chocolate doesn't look bad in the picture but if you got sick it's probably better to toss the batch and try again some time.

That looks way better than s'mores, which I find too sweet. The stomach thing might be a coincidence. What else did you eat? If nothing, I'd think it's more likely the butter was off than the chocolate. Or perhaps you picked up some temporary bug.

Wow-and I think you could probably use the microwave to make them, in a pinch.

Set the graham crackers on a paper towel/paper plate, put the chocolate on top, nuke them till melty (that's a technical term), then put the pretzels on.

May have to try this over the weekend....

Never heard of chocolate going bad - but if you eat too much of any fatty food it can turn your tummy.

That's a lot easier than having to say "sorry to give your mom and sister monster AIDS"

They do look tasty! Sweet and salty are always a nice treat. From what I remember, chocolate doesn't go bad the way milk goes bad. The white stuff (bloom) is the cocoa fat or sometimes sugar coming to the surface of the chocolate--it's fine again after you melt it down. If you ate a bunch, it may have been the caffeine and sugar making you gurgly.

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