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Adventures in the Kitchen and on the Road

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National Prescription Drug Take Back Day: Oct 29, 2011

Got a bunch of old prescription medications kicking around your house? You can safely dispose of them at your local police station this Saturday (assuming they're participating). Before, I had been told to just flush or throw away old medications if they weren't on a small list of drugs that were handled differently. I had even been told to flush radioactive chemotherapy meds! Thankfully, I was able to turn them in during National Prescription Drug Take Back Day back in April. There's another one tomorrow. So clean out your medicine cabinets!

More details available in the link below.

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day
Oct 29, 2011 10am-2pm


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So smart - thank you for the reminder! This is SUCH a good idea!

Glad some more people got a chance to unload old medications.

Thanks much for this! Am about to drop off a bag of those at a police station less than 3 miles from me!

Excellent! Nice when it's convenient to get rid of some stuff isn't it?

Excellent reminder! Our local fire dept. held an event about a month ago. It felt great to finally get rid of the pill-filled box I had to move when I migrated up here. Glad you could lighten your load, too!

Oh cool. I wish they made it easier to get rid of these old pills year round. But yes...I was happy to drop off a bag of old medicines.

Re: DEAs press release on the event results.

Cool. Glad there are lots of people participating.

Have you the recipe to that awesome looking loaf of bread in your icon?

I did indeed get around to posting about that bread. It's a two-parter.

Read the 1st post that this 2nd post references to see the recipe for the basic dough. And then the key difference that produced that loaf in the user icon was the variation that baked it in a covered pot.

Thanks...it looks amazing!

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