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F-list Tour

Work's got me swamped again. Combine that with scheduling lots of social events and I'm yet again not getting to hang out here as much as I would like. So here are some tidbits from my f-list. Yes, some of these are old because I saved them a while back or I didn't get a chance to read them until recently.

I don't say this often enough but I really like you denizens of LJ-land. Enjoy your weekend!

  • "We consider ourselves travelers, not tourists."
    I also try not to look like a tourist; it just sounds so unsophisticated. But sometimes I'll revel in the role of tourist, I see, even in the city I consider home. It's nice to unabashedly delight in all I see. Read this post by tedwords for a reminder to not let your desire to be seen as worldly stomp all over your ability to share someone else's joys.

  • In an f-locked post, someone posted a link to a video on what to do if you're caught in the middle of a mass shooting. Don't say the Department of Homeland Security never did anything for you. The advice actually sounds pretty good to me. "Run. Hide. Fight." I'm surprised that they advocated for fighting. Has the advice always been to devise a way to fight back? I took a model mugging class about 16 years ago and back then, the police instructors didn't push one way or the other for fighting or cooperating when attacked. Instead they laid out the pros and cons of both strategies and told us the decision was ours. (5:56 length)

  • drjeff has a series of One Minute posts. He's been throwing his energy into his blogspot more than his LJ and sounds like he's an awesome therapist to see. For all the posts in the One Minute series, go to
    Some samples:
    - One Minute Reboot
    - One Minute of Gratitude
    - One Minute of Forgiveness
    - One Minute To Let Go Of Guilt

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