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Adventures in the Kitchen and on the Road

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I Love the Internet! File Recovery and Unerase

I realized tonight that my camera's memory card had mysteriously wiped out a lot of photos on it from my NYC trip. I opened it up on my computer and the photos from Italy back in January were on it but not the photos from last week in NYC. I popped it back into my camera and couldn't see them there either even though I know I had seen them on there just a few days ago. I berated myself for not immediately downloading and backing up the photos. I mentally reviewed the trip, trying to remember exactly which photos I no longer had.

And then I turned to the web, looking for programs to help me find my files again.

Found this great article:

I tried the first 2 programs listed and the first one didn't find very many but it did find a handful so I had some hope that files were still there. Tried the next one (Puran) and hit the jackpot. I don't know if it recovered all the files but it recovered a whole lot. Enough to make me feel a lot better.


Doing the Deep Scan takes a long time but it was able to find 1000 jpgs that I thought I had lost so well worth the time. Free program too!

Such a relief.

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That's my biggest nightmare but luckily it has never happened.

I think I will download Puran just in case though and maybe play around with it too see what it can find on a card where I have deleted photos or formatted over them.

Thanks for the linkage!

That's totally cool because Tim, the guy who writes PC Support @ About.com is one of my best coworker friends. Aside from being smart as a whip, he's also a really, really nice guy :)

JPEGs are easy to recover from a card. You could write your own software in maybe an hour if you needed to.

Glad you were able to recover your photos.

Thanks for the links. Very useful to have in case I will need it in the future.

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