fitfool (fitfool) wrote,

I Love the Internet! File Recovery and Unerase

I realized tonight that my camera's memory card had mysteriously wiped out a lot of photos on it from my NYC trip. I opened it up on my computer and the photos from Italy back in January were on it but not the photos from last week in NYC. I popped it back into my camera and couldn't see them there either even though I know I had seen them on there just a few days ago. I berated myself for not immediately downloading and backing up the photos. I mentally reviewed the trip, trying to remember exactly which photos I no longer had.

And then I turned to the web, looking for programs to help me find my files again.

Found this great article:

I tried the first 2 programs listed and the first one didn't find very many but it did find a handful so I had some hope that files were still there. Tried the next one (Puran) and hit the jackpot. I don't know if it recovered all the files but it recovered a whole lot. Enough to make me feel a lot better.

Doing the Deep Scan takes a long time but it was able to find 1000 jpgs that I thought I had lost so well worth the time. Free program too!

Such a relief.
Tags: useful, websurf
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