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Cheap Lobster Season!

Public service announcement:

It's cheap lobster season here in New England again. Market Basket had lobster on sale for $4/pound and they'll even steam them for you if you're squeamish about doing that part yourself. Some will say you shouldn't buy lobster in the summer (I think the rule is to not buy lobster during months that don't end in 'y'). (Correction: the rule was to only eat shellfish during months ending in 'r') These are 'New Shell' lobsters so they haven't had a chance to grow into their new shells. Their shells are very soft at this point. Those lobster crackers won't be of much use with soft shell lobsters. Better to use a sturdy pair of kitchen shears to get at the meat inside. Picked up 6 lobsters for $17. That's less than the price of a single lobster roll at Neptune Oyster (oh but what a delicious lobster roll they serve! Piled high with tons of lobster meat too).

So far we've eaten steamed lobsters and Lobster Mac-n-cheese. I'll probably make the lobster quiche again unless I can think of something else to make with the remaining 2 lobsters.
Lobster Mac-n-Cheese
Lobster Quiche
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