fitfool (fitfool) wrote,

ipod shuffle!

It came! I was skeptical since the deal seemed so easy but plenty of other users on the forums reported success so I gave it a shot. Sign up for a new credit card, use it once within 45 days of opening the account, and then they'll mail you a free ipod shuffle. You don't even have to keep using the credit card. (I recommend leaving the account open and unused though.)

Image hosted by

It's so cute! Tiny and so light that it feels like it's a little plastic demo that the store uses to show you the mp3 player without worrying that you're going to steal the model. But it plays music just like it's supposed to. I'm a little surprised no one was interested in picking up a free ipod shuffle but if you're interested in it now, I had posted a link to the deal in this post

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