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Adventures in the Kitchen and on the Road

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molten lava cake

Mellybrelly's Banana Chocolate Nut Muffins

This was one of the last new dishes I ever cooked for Michael. These muffins were a big hit with Michael and several friends of all ages, from kids to adults. Not difficult to make at all. The hardest part was waiting for the bananas to ripen before I could try the recipe. They came out deliciously moist and I froze some for later which thawed out just fine. Glad to be attending the mellybrelly Home School of Baking!

small picture of banana nut chocolate muffins

bit picture of the banana nut chocolate muffins

Banana Muffins

  1. Preheat oven to 375F

  2. In a big bowl, add these ingredients and blend well:
        1/4 cup of margarine or butter
        2 cups of brown sugar, lightly measured (not packed)
        2 eggs
        6 bananas

  3. In a separate cup mix baking soda and hot water and then add to the banana mixture:
        2 tsp baking soda
        4 tbsp hot water

  4. Add flour and salt. Mix lightly, till blended, don't over mix.
        3 cups of flour
        1 tsp salt.

  5. If desired, gently mix in
        3/4 cup chocolate chips (optional)
        3/4 cup chopped walnuts (optional)

  6. Pour into muffin tins.

  7. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes. Makes 24 muffins.

big picture of a close-up of the banana nut muffins

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These look great!

I was thinking of you a couple times over the last couple weeks. Glad to see you updating, even if its about muffins. :)

Thanks...and thanks for keeping me in your thoughts.

YUMMMmyyyy! I am so hungry..I haven't eaten breakfast yet, and these look so good!!!:) Thanks for sharing, and have a good day!:)

Definitely give these muffins a try some time. They're as tasty as you think they might be :)

Food porn! I haven't had breakfast yet and those beautiful photos are making me hungry.....

thanks...I wouldn't mind a few of those now myself


I wish I had ripe bananas so I could make those right now!

yep...that's how I felt the first time I saw mellybrelly post this recipe :)

Yummy! I actually just made banana bread but these muffins look awesome! May need to make some to prep for my race on Saturday:-D

yum...banana bread sounds great too

oh my...looks totally yummy and comforting.

Oh man, I need to make these this weekend...

well....did you make those muffins? :)

Ok... I say I'll make a lot of stuff that you cook by virtue of the fact it looks so damn good. (I still mean to cook that fried tofu snack you cooked, but I STILL haven't gotten around to it!) But this... THIS I have to try.

*grin* I have a list that goes on for pages of recipes I want to try because the photos looked so good online. :)

First time visitor to your journal. Those look awesome! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Welcome. I've been friends-locking a lot of posts so I just friended you so you could look around a little more. Let me know if you make these muffins. I think they're wonderful.

Thank you. I have friended you as well.

I look forward to trying the muffins. We'll see if I can squeeze in the time to try a new recipe.

The kids could even help with mixing the ingredients in the bowl... :)

Oh dear goodness. Those look and sound fabulous.

I bet these muffins are even reasonably healthy, right?

They aren't too bad. Healthy enough for me!

Those look PHENOMENAL!!!

Thanks! They really are delicious. Well worth giving this recipe a shot.

I'm baking a batch of these right now. We'll see how they turn out because the chocolate chips I got for cheap were less than stellar. I'll let you know. :-)

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