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Adventures in the Kitchen and on the Road

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molten lava cake


To cheer me up, someone sent over a fruit basket with exotic fruits. Thanks for a delicious breakfast!

Yes I had to look online to learn how to eat a papaya. I've eaten it before, just never cut one up myself. I didn't know whether or not the seeds were edible. Didn't matter though, even after learning they're to be discarded, I tried one. Don't. It's not edible.

Slice the papaya in half, scoop out the seeds with a spoon and discard, then scoop out the fruity flesh with a spoon. The upside of looking up how to eat a papaya was that I saw one suggestion to sprinkle with sugar and lemon juice and that tasted good.

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papaya is, officially, my fvaorite food. i used to have a papaya tree, even! yum.

ooh...so where did you live that you could grow a papaya tree?

You have a very nice friend. :)

And I've always noticed this, you take incredibly good pictures.

Very nice indeed. Thanks for enjoying the photos :)

As someone who grew up with a papaya tree in the back yard, The lemon juice helps to bring out the flavor. Also, if it gets a bit over-ripe you can use a banana nut bread recipe substituting the papaya for banana. It's quite good. Another thing you may want to try is star fruit (Carambola, Tsa gnim, Khe, Ma Feung). You eat the fleshy lobes (the core you throw out) it also makes pretty good juice and sun dried and salted it was good for sore throat relief.

I haven't had a good papaya (and that one looks good) in a coon's age.

whoa...a papaya-nut bread? Never heard of that...would like to see what that tasted like. I love star fruit! I think we sprinkled sugar on star fruit too. You're right, that papaya in the picture was very sweet.

Let's see, this weekend I'll have to make your Pommes de Terre des Dangeurs. Then I'm going to have to make some Sauce Bolognese (Ragu). If I could find a papaya I'd need to make a papaya bread from the other half of the papaya. I've a hankering for a Lilikoi (passion fruit) chiffon pie topped with meringue and chopped macadamias.
Now, if I can only find the ingredients in uncivilized middle America where they think that Brats and cheddar are high cuisine, then remember the camera instead of my stomach.

I don't know how you do it. Cook then photograph before digging into the food and ruining the presentation. You're more disciplined than I.

well I retain a fondness for Brats and cheddar too so it's not a complete loss there. I think I can still take photos since I'm usually nibbling at the food while it's cooking too so by the time the finished product is there, I've already sampled a little (you know...the pieces that aren't photogenic).

LOL! I usually taste as I cook too. But unlike you it seems to whet my appetite for more. When it's finished I can't wait to dig in. The good thing about all that tasting is that I feel full pretty quickly but leftovers aren't photogenic.

heh...sometimes I can't taste as I go and then Michael would wait patiently while I snapped a few photos but if I didn't like what I'd gotten and kept trying to find another angle or something for a better picture he'd get impatient and ask, "Can we PLEASE eat this now? Or are you going to wait until we have to reheat this in the microwave?"

I knew there was a reason I thought he was a likeable person. :-)

oh wow...first you mention papaya bread, then razz also mentions it with a picture. Must try this out!

It´s such a beautiful yummy fruit. Are those blueberries?

Now I feel like running out to the corner grocery to see if they have any good ones there.

Those are the seeds inside the papaya. I used a few of the seeds to garnish the cut fruit but next time I'm not going to do that since they really taste yucky.

They looked like tiny blueberries and that confused me because they were so small.

I wish they had been blueberries. Would've tasted much better!

Make some smoothies! Mango, papaya, orange juice, raspberries, some yogurt or sherbet Mhmmmm

oh wow...a mango lassi would taste awesome right now. Sadly I have no yogurt right now.

yes! i love papaya freezes mixed with vanilla soft serve ice cream

Oh that sounds good too. Thanks for the idea!

Oh my goodness, I just came across this recipe for Grapefruit Avocado Salad with Plum Mayo Dressing Recipe and thought it looked so scrumptious! I'm not sure how thrilled I am with avocados, but I might try them just for this recipe. I thought you might like it, too :)

Mayo disturbs me so I would leave that out but I hadn't heard about the natural pairing of avocado and grapefruit so I'll have to try that out some time. Thanks!

hmmm...i've never had a papaya. i think i'll have to try one.

(Deleted comment)
no shame....opportunity! Now you get a chance to try something new :)

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